We know you have worked really hard on your manuscript; a few more steps and we are there!

  • We accept only English fiction/non-fiction material written for adults, children, and young adults/adolescents. Include a detailed synopsis. Also include three sample chapters if it is a novel, three sample stories in case of collection of short stories, and three sample poems in case of poetry collection. If we like your work, we will ask you to submit your entire manuscript. Please note that the decision to accept or reject your proposal is up to us. Also, we may not provide a reason should we decide not to accept your submission, although in most cases we do.
  • Detailed synopsis includes notes about your story, your target audience, comparative titles available, unique selling point, and illustrative content. In case you need illustration services, please specify so in the details. Also, specify other services that you may require.
  • Title of the book should be included while submitting. If you plan to have chapters, then chapter titles too are important while submitting. At least plan on submitting working titles.
  • All submissions should be in a word document, double-spaced, and 12-point, Arial font. Please send us an electronic copy via email at info@apkpublishers.com
  • We insist that you go through our Grammar Checklist before submitting the proposal.
  • Please give us at least two weeks to respond. If you haven’t heard from us by then, please contact us via our email.
  • We respect your freedom of expression; please respect ours! Please do not send us manuscripts based on romance genre or manuscripts with obscenities or pornographic material. They will be rejected immediately without a response from our end.
  • In case your manuscript is rejected, the file will be deleted immediately. We can’t stress enough on having your own back-up of the file.
  • If we accept your manuscript, you will be formally notified by us, and terms will then be agreed and contracts signed. Until then, please note that we cannot assume any liability whatsoever for your proposal.

Thanks and good luck with your manuscript! We look forward working with you!