In pre-production, there are three main steps and a fourth optional step:

  1. Editing
  2. Cover design
  3. Typesetting
  4. Illustrations

When we begin working on a book, we begin editing and cover design in parallel, since these two are the most important steps, and also the most time-consuming. Once the editing is done, we do the typesetting (“setting” or “formatting” of the content to make it look good – like a “real” book – and get it ready for printing). In the rare case that there are illustrations, they are also undertaken in parallel with editing and cover design.

When the printable files are ready, both for the inside pages as well as the cover, we go for printing/binding.

These days, we almost always create e-books of all the books that we publish. We distribute our e-books through


We get asked a lot of questions about editing. So here is what it entails.

While editing, we get rid of typos and grammatical mistakes. We also rephrase certain cumbersome sentences, if we find any. These two constitute a big chunk of the editing work. Apart from these, we might also suggest other major changes like changing the flow of a particular chapter or rearranging the contents of book or even changing the ending.

But whatever changes we do in the manuscript are done with “Track Changes ON” so that you know what changes we have made. You have the option of accepting or rejecting the changes. In case of typos and the grammatical mistakes, we expect you to accept most of the changes; you can reject, but if you do, you better give us a good reason why our suggested change shouldn’t be accepted. In the case of other “stylistic” changes, we will be a lot more open and understanding if you do not want to accept our suggested changes. After all, every writer has his own style and we respect that and even like that. We want our books to read like they are written by different writers, and so we will preserve all your idiosyncrasies.

In general, we will respect your opinion and never suggest changes that change the “soul” of the book.