Nainapur Adventures Mystery of the Forbidden Oak

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Publisher : APK Publishers
Author : Arun Iyer
Number of Pages:212
Binding: Paperback


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A trip into the woods ends in Ravi witnessing the ghost at the forbidden oak. Meanwhile, a daring robbery at the Read Bed and Breakfast, a hotel owned by his best friend Tom’s father has the Nainapur police perplexed.

Tom, Ravi and their friends Suzy and Raj aka Chubbo, uncover some vital clues at the crime scene. The friends dig deeper only to discover more robberies and newer suspects.

Eager to prove that he actually saw the ghost, Ravi takes his friend to the forbidden oak, where to their surprise they come across some more clues. Things get exciting as they realize the possibility of one more robbery occurring. Who are the culprits? How is the ghost associated with the robberies?

Can Ravi’s bravado, Suzy’s detective-like thinking, Chubbo’s luck and Tom’s resourcefulness help the friends solve the mystery of the forbidden oak.

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When he not immersed in the busy schedule of a corporate world, Arun Iyer likes to dabble in amateur efforts at poetry, painting and photography. He is an avid traveler and writes travel blogs that provide a seamless interpretation of a travel experience through a combination of visuals and words.

Arun loves children’s fiction and Nainapur Adventures is an attempt to create a world of his childhood dreams. Arun lives in Pune with his wife and two children.

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Nainapur Adventures: Mystery of the Forbidden Oak


APK Publishers

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1 April 2018

2 reviews for Nainapur Adventures Mystery of the Forbidden Oak

  1. Aarav Desai

    This book is extremely enjoyable! especially for kids who likes adventure and mysterious things to read and watch.You just can’t stop reading it! I really liked reading the book because I love to read mystery books and this book came with a lot of suspense.
    Before I started reading this book, I read the blurb. I thought that the blurb gave too much away and it should have been shorter. I really liked the map at the start of the book as it gave me a sense of what the book was going to be about.
    The actual writing was very good. It was descriptive and filled with suspense. I liked how the chapters were short so the book was spaced out and I also liked how the name of the chapters gave a hint to the story.
    The characters were described very well. I found the asterisks at the bottom of the page extremely helpful!
    Overall, I thoroughly enjoyed reading the book and I would love to see a sequel and maybe even a trilogy!.

  2. Deepak Bhosle

    Hi Arun,
    I finished your book, the Adventures of Nainapur: The Mystery of Forbidden Oaks, while I was vacationing in Jaipur!

    It was fun to read and I can see that you have written in simple language keeping in mind a target audience of up to 15 years old (probably keeping your kids in mind).

    I also felt that you have probably kept Shimla or Mussoorie or Nainital in mind while writing about Nainapur! The old world charm of Nainapur has really come out beautiful and one wants to visit there, even though it’s fictional:)

    Further, you have explained the background of each detective in detail and it helped to build up a nice picture in the mind and enjoy their journey through the book!! E.g. the accidental clue finder Raj, the analytical and consolidator Suzy, the risk taker Ravi and Tom who binds them together and has little of everything!

    I have always been a fan of such detective novels during my school and college days and reading your book brought all those memories back and made me want to read more such books in the daily humdrum of professional life! It indeed refreshed my mind as I was transported to Nainapur and so engrossed in what to expect next!

    I started the book in the morning of my return from Jaipur in my hotel, read it through my airport waiting time & flight and closed it when I was in my bed in Pune at 12 am in the night! J It was that gripping and enjoyable!!

    Congratulations on such an outcome in the first attempt!

    Looking forward to such more wonderful adventures from you! I am sure a sequel is in the works!

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