10 Days to Ultimate You

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Publisher : APK Publishers
Author : Parul Prashar
Number of Pages: 118
Binding: Paperback


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Why wait for another 10 years when you can change your life in the next 10 days?

In 10 DAYS TO THE ULTIMATE YOU, you will embark on a journey towards your goals and dreams with Parul where she guides you through action steps she used to build up her success. This book presents both a challenge and an opportunity that no matter what your current circumstances, you can always turn your life around; what it requires from you is the commitment to the ULTIMATE YOU.

This is a book for anyone (because age is just a number) who is keen to continue on the path of success and fulfillment in any area of life.

Let it speak to you,

Let it speak to your soul,

Let yourself absorb the ideas being poured,

Let it bring out the ULTIMATE YOU.

Author Bio

Parul Prashar is a Professor of Computer Science in one of the top universities in India. Apart from teaching, she has a knack of using words that shines through her writings. She believes in the power of words and daily vocabulary in day to day life. After helping her friends and siblings achieve their goals and dreams using her methods and suggestions, she wants to help the world around achieve their goals and make it a better place.

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