Mission LOVE Impossible

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Publisher : APK Publishers
Author : Purti Dalal
Number of Pages:147
Binding: Paperback


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What would you do if you fell in love with someone so madly and deeply that the universe is compelled to take him away from you in the most unexpected way?

A girl from a middle-class Brahmin family falls in love with a boy during her graduation despite her conservative upbringing and family pressures. She thinks she has met her Mr. Right at the right time, hoping that her love would conquer her parents’ disapproval eventually. But as time passes she realizes that her boyfriend is not what she had thought he was…

The unexpected side of her relationship forces her to break up with him.

But little does she know that the pain and sadness she is going through would lead to another love. She falls for someone she accidentally meets at her place during a function.

But would this love finally last and bring her the happiness she desires?

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Mission LOVE Impossible


Purti Dalal


APK Publisher




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