Fall Apart Tonight

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Publisher : APK Publishers
Author : Pratik Kotangale
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There is a guy named Nihar.There is a girl named Aashna. Nihar loves Aashna. He takes some efforts. And in the end he gets her. If this is what you thought the story is, welcome to the REAL WORLD! There is a general trend in today’s youth of dating whoever they find attractive. Today everyone feels a need for a partner. They just want a relationship for the sake of it. They see couples around and hence look for a companion. But does every time the decision taken proves to be correct? 1) Good looks, 2) Good educational background, 3) Good communication skills and 4) Good at heart is the ‘definitely required criteria’ for a girl to finally choose her soul mate. For the guys, the first point itself is more than enough! On the parallel lines, a bunch of youngsters from the college named ITEP find or ‘try to’ find their soul mate. When they experience the so called ‘beautiful world of Love’, they realise that there is more to life than mere ‘dating’. The story revolves around them as they run in search of a solution to tackle the twists and turns in their lives. But soon, they realize that it is too late to regret! The battle between their mind and the heart begins… Who is going to win it? The Mind or the Heart? Do the bunch of ‘kids’ find some maturity? Or they end up becoming mere ‘losers’? To find it out lets read the ‘Very Special’ story… ‘Fall Apart Tonight …’ Pratik Kotangale was born in Nagpur, the orange city and brought up in Amaravati. He completed his Engineering from College Of Engineering, Pune. Recently he is working as a Project Engineer in Wipro Technology. He has his own blog @ and has won several prizes in writing and poetry competitions. He also composed a song, “Its Time We Fall Apart Tonight” as a publicity song for the book. He is passionate about writing and plans to continue the same for the years to come.

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Fall Apart Tonight


Pratik Kotangale


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Dec 2014

12 reviews for Fall Apart Tonight

  1. Subhlakshmi Singh

    The story begins with Nihar and pre-admission encounters of him with his Mom. The way he describes it is simply hilarious. This is the first time I laughed so much by reading something.
    Nihar: The thing I liked about this character was he always stood with his friends in difficult situations. The friendship part in the book is really inspirational.
    Riya: She is the only character who is extreme. Her character is described perfectly. I liked the scene of the Nihar-Riya-Kunal trio.
    Raj: He was the funniest (especially his poetry) he was a complete jerk. I think the girls will like this character the most.
    Aashna: She enters the story with a blast and is also a very important one with respect to the story. I liked it when she enters the college and Nihar’s Sherlock mind starts describing her. Only one word for the description…”Awesome”.

    Go for it guys
    it is a very good novel.

  2. Rihan

    Fall Apart Tonight is very nice book. I would suggest youngsters should read it.

  3. Sandip Mahajan

    One of my friend gifted me this book on my birthday. I like this book very much. Story is nice & real time situation.Must read.

  4. Vijay Malhotra

    Just finished reading this book. Having read tons and tons of best selling thrillers I felt reluctant to read this story when my brother gave it to me because I was fed up with Indian authors. I found nothing new in them. I may be wrong.

  5. Meena yadav

    I must say Read this book. Real situation book. Read it. I like it very much.

  6. Gowtham Guttula

    My Friend read the book and he said it is awesome and it’s first book of the writer. He was so excited and completed the book in 6 hours. He said he loved the counter strike part more. He was shy that i’m posting this on behalf of him.

  7. Neha Mundhada

    ”I read this story long back…
    Looking at so many reviews I too thought of writing one…! You read some stories which are good and few others which arent that good. But I won’t say if this story was good or bad bez there are very few stories which do touch your heart…with which you can easily connect… And Fall Apart Tonight was the one…! I want to share my fav scene with everyone… I loved the scene in which Aashna cries and Nihar tries to console her…(I am surprised nobody mentioned abt it till now). The scene actually depicts how guys are.
    They have no feelings at all in reality…
    I am really happy that I chose to read this story…!
    This is going to be huge trust me…!
    Because it deserves to be very famous…!

  8. Pradnya Patil

    When the writer gave me the Manuscript I was not that much excited about the book.
    I mean for me it was just another love story..N having read almost 100 or more stories I thought its just gonna b one of them.. But after I started reading I couldn’t stop until I finished it..n It was worth a shot!
    Awesome book Seriously…N d interesting part is d title song..Those lines were my Whatsapp status for a few days..n I proudly told people how intelligent my friend is !
    The best part about the book is you can actually picture the things into your mind..Thanks buddy for taking me back to my college life…! N about humor in d book then boss I have been his friend so I know he has got best sense of humor..awesome sense of humor used in the book too! I was laughing like an idiot wen i read d part in which author was caught in Computer Lab..his replies were really funny.
    I would like to mention I liked the end very much..vey practical! No fairy tales! ‘Seedhi baat No bakwas!

  9. Deepak Kashyap

    ”I certainly remember the day in Wipro when I saw a stranger standing in front of the packed house and speaking with confidence… ” One day I will publish my own book” he said. I was (obviously) shocked to hear that…! After a year or so he did it..! And did it with a bang…! With a promotional song…! I am not a hardcore reader but I donno why I liked reading this story. It was presented very simply with so many innovative ideas. I loved the hidden place drinks hangout that the group of guys had. It was so perfectly described. All in all it is a book not to be missed. All I can say is if I can like it I think most are definitely going to like your story!
    Keeping going Pratik. Dont look back…! Fall Apart Tonight is a pride…!

  10. Thigambari Narasimhan

    Great story!
    It starts with a life of a normal average student who gets in contact with these other funny friends and how things in their life changes! With the entry of Aashna the story ends on a different plot with different thinking. The end is certainly unexpected….! Looking at the name of the novel I thought it would have sad ending or typical movie ending but what happens in the end is certainly wowish….! I would rate this book above others solely because of the end!!!

  11. Monika Singh

    Really amazing!
    First I thought it will be a love story but as the story goes forward I understood that it was way more than just ‘A love story.’ It focuses on day-to-day relationships but isn’t cheesy in any sense (one of the reasons I never opt for love stories). Sarcasm at its best humor was the essence! Perhaps the only book with a title song composed. That shows the level of the writer’s hard work. personally loved the way he described Aashna’s entry. All in all I am definitely going to recommend my friends to go and purchase it. Full of surprises and worth a read

  12. Prabhu Subramanian

    Fall Apart Tonight is a novel which is a very current generation type. The characters depict the recent trend which guys and girls follow now a days. It revolves around the intricate emotions of relationships which people are in which they face. I personally thought as if I was watching some sitcom.
    It indeed had too many good one liners…for example a scene in which the character says “The movie played a romantic song for which the hero gave the same expressions as I did ‘Not so interested ones!’
    Great book…must read…!

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