Leaves of Attachment

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Publisher : APK Publishers
Author : Atharva Dandekar
Number of Pages:100
Binding: Paperback


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Our life is like a tree.

‘Branches’ are the things we do in our life

and ‘leaves’ are the people we come across.

Such “Leaves of attachments are always wet”.

In life, we go through different stages,

different phases, just like a tree.

Leaves fall and grow, people come and go.

The important thing is what they leave behind.

Some will give happiness, some will cause pain.

What is to be remembered is up to us.

No leaf is going to last forever, but

there are a few we remember even after they’ve fallen,

kept in the lost pages to be cherished forever.

Atharva Dandekar  is a poet based in Pune. He is a passionate programmer and a cricket fanatic. He has a good penchant towards classical music and drama. He balances his programming and his restless thoughts with writing.

Leaves of Attachment is Atharva’s debut poetry book which he has composed himself.

He can be contacted on dandekar.atharva@gmail.com

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Leaves of Attachment


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