Gift of Consciousness


Publisher : APK Publishers
Author : Addittya Tamhankar
Number of Pages : 216
Binding : Paperback


By referring to the Upanishads, Bodhisattvas, Bible, and Sufism teachings & stories, Addittya brilliantly reveals a unique perspective on ancient wisdom. Formatted with short insightful chapters that stimulate your mind, this book is a great motivator for spiritual seekers and meditation practitioners.

In this book, you’ll learn about:

  1. Importance of living with consciousness
  2. Finding the source of happiness
  3. Overcoming the miseries of life
  4. Surviving personal and professional setbacks
  5. Beauty of being you and believing in yourself

Consciousness is bliss, unconsciousness is misery. No matter how difficult is your life, if you can live with consciousness, no situation or person can ever bring you down. Because consciousness will never let you fail, it will always ensure your well-being. The most precious gift to mankind is indeed – the Gift of Consciousness!

“The awakening of consciousness is the next evolutionary step for mankind.” – Eckart Tolle

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Gift of Consciousness


APK Publishers

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3 reviews for Gift of Consciousness

  1. Stephen Orth, Marketing Head, EcoOasis Eco Development, Costa Rica

    “All your writings are powerful Addittya. Thank you for what you do! You truly have a Beautiful gift and I’m so blessed to cross your path.”

  2. Yogita Harishchandra, Director-Y25 Consulting Ltd & Associate-Blanchard International New Zealand

    “There is depth, spirituality and beauty in your post:) Keep writing!”

  3. Dee N. Tran, Award Winning Pharmacist, Certified Diabetes Educator, US

    “Really thought provoking articles! So true. Real growth starts from inside. Thank you for the reminder. You have a beautiful soul.”

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