Team 14 Into Battle

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Publisher : APK Publishers
Author : Major General Sanjay Bhide, YSM, VSM (Retired)
Number of Pages: 250
Size: 5.5″ X 8.5″


TEAM 14 Into Battle is an account of the first few years of operations of the Battalion 14 RASHTRIYA RIFLES (GARH). The book highlights the journey of the unit in those early days. The unit personnel reported at Nashik from different organisations and soon transformed into an effective operational team. This is their story.

The operations narrated in the book give an insight into the way counter terrorist operations were conducted then as also bring out the basic principles in fighting such a war – operational environment may change yet these principles remain relevant.

While this is a narrative of military endeavours, young leaders of the corporate world will find real world examples of Team Building, Leadership, Risk Taking and Motivation that can be applied to the extreme competitiveness and friction of the business environment making them more effective leaders.

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Major General Sanjay Bhide, YSM, VSM (Retired)


Team 14 Into Battle


APK Publishers

Number of Pages



5.5" X 8.5"



Publishing Date

6th June 2021

4 reviews for Team 14 Into Battle

  1. Shounak Gadre

    A must read for professionals trying to chart their own journey and build something new, often while facing organisational constraints and market forces

  2. Rajesh Deodhar – Senior Executive in IT Industry UK

    For corporate leaders this book presents a fascinating insight into decision making under high degree of uncertainty, in situations with limited sphere of control and incomplete, at times unreliable information

  3. Maj Gen Tejinder Handa, SM (Retd)

    An invaluable guide to understanding the complex modalities of conduct of counter insurgency operations at grassroots level – a valuable addition to any library.

  4. Ajay Adhiya ( Advocate Mumbai HC)

    –fascinated by the amazing narrative created and shared, about exceptional courage under fire, of camaraderie that makes all the difference in situations of absolute danger

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