Safety & Driving Techniques

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Publisher : APK Publishers
Author : Hrishabh Jaytay
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Though Safety on Roads is a contemporary subject of today, it is overlooked by most drivers, because of which accident mortality rates in India is on the ascending scale day in and day out, where it becomes a matter of socio-economic-crisis which demands focus on the issue with regard to social awareness first. Working almost 11 years on the book, through various related topics, the author has narrowed down to improper driving attitude on our roads as the main reason and has suggested a range of driving ethics, standards and corrective measures that would help a driver identify deficits and rectify the same. For this he has discussed numerous exemplifications from his personal life experiences and with the help of his acquired skill and knowledge on Safety Driving from abroad, he has presented this reading material which he claims to be a humble Safety Awareness Campaign, because in despair he believes that it is due to the lack of Safety Awareness among people that most drivers are unable to ‘think and drive’, instead they ‘drive and think’ and repent. The author has discussed his point of view on various other contemporary topics like poor infrastructure due to corruption, the huge demand for vehicles in Indian market and has emphasized on bringing in reforms in traffic rules and regulations enforcement agency on one hand and on the other he has accentuated on accepting Safety and Advanced Driving Techniques by inculcation and not by enforcement. In conclusion he has reinforced the necessity of receiving SADT as a religion by each driver while driving, to ensure Safety which eventually might bring down not only accidental deaths but also ‘near misses’ on Indian Roads. The Author’s Assent The way you drive on roads now,You are sure you are correct, right?And on roads, others are wrong and pow,And you think you are the most perfect, right? In that case, Yes! You do have the right knowledge,And you don’t need to know what I would here divulge,On the other hand, if you think somewhere something is wrong,Each of your drive pricks you somewhere like the sharpest prong,Still, if you think that you definitely can’t change your driving attitude,I swear to you, for picking this book up, I sincerely express my gratitude, And, I think this book is neither of your choice nor of your own selves’ taste, So, please keep it back and move on, since I know, you’ve less time to waste,And this book of mine might not help you in your unsure endeavour, To correct yourself, from similar to your latest road devour.Do have a blessed day, or rather, on road a safe day,And for your safety on road, I swear, I would pray.Because, that is what you need the most, I say.But, if you are open and ready to change,Yes, this book might give you that range,‘As, what we drive on road is no sledge’.So, ‘I will drive safe’, let’s all pledge.

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Safety & Driving Techniques


Hrishabh Jaytay


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Mar 2013

4 reviews for Safety & Driving Techniques

  1. Ravi Shanker

    Hrishabh Jai has done a wonderful job and should be congratulated at the outset.

  2. Mangesh Pande

    Hrishabh Sir Written this book for everyone it is very useful book for those who would like to drive safely the techniques specified in this book is awesome…. thanks sir Cheers

  3. Pradeep Gopalakrishnan

    Indians like to claim that once you drive in India you can drive anywhere in the world. Statements alludes to the fact that in India all kinds of driving is acceptable. While the statement can raise laughs it is a sad truth that the basic driving sense in India is abysmally low. This results in large cases of tragic and needless road deaths. Quality life span of vehicles is greatly reduced. A new car out of showroom is quite normally expected to get scratches within few weeks. It is no brainer then that this issue needs to be addressed urgently. Sadly reading material on the issue are nearly nil. It is this crucial gap that SADT intends to cover. A comprehensively researched and written book the narrative is interspersed with personal experiences and autobiographical in nature. The combination makes it an interesting read while also providing valuable information and knowledge on safe driving techniques.
    i really love this book

  4. Ravi vanka

    Written with a noble cause and need of the hour for people to realize Road Safety and Etiquette’s. Apart from those who drive its a perfect guide for school/college going children and for people who have started driving classes. This way the next generation drivers could have better driving sense from the beginning unlike others. Though its worth it might be difficult for other drivers to change. Therefore I feel that the book should find place in school / college libraries to help youngsters. I hope people’s eyes fall on the book only then it could find its desired status. I have made few notes to keep a self-check while I drive. ‘ACOSTR 6 Things to watch out for & U-turns’ are interesting. I have no comments on the topic of E=MC2 that the author has described. The Hindu Muslim & Christian prayers before journey should be useful for believers.The book has valuable information and some astonishing facts. No wonder he took 11 years to finish.

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