Mumbai to Stockholm Via New York: People, Places,and Politics – Reflections of a globetrotter

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Publisher : APK Publishers
Author : Dan Mayur
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In this collection of entertaining, informative and hard- hitting essays, Dan Mayur presents an insightful, ground-level view of the prevailing socio-economic situation in the US, India, and Sweden. Dan has spent a considerable amount of time in these countries and his affection for them is transparent in the book. In a familial analogy, he says “India is my loving mother who raised and influenced me, America is my wonderful spouse to whom I am committed for life and Sweden is a cherished dear friend.” The essays present a forceful, candid expose, and an analysis of the political and social problems. They also suggest possible solutions where appropriate. Written for the general reader in a lucid language, this book will be of interest to a wide audience: teachers, students, travellers, and people with curiosity and specific interest in current global happenings. This is a book that every intelligent, thinking Indian and American must read!

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Mumbai to Stockholm Via New York


Dan Mayur


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Feb 2012

3 reviews for Mumbai to Stockholm Via New York: People, Places,and Politics – Reflections of a globetrotter

  1. Sumurti Nair

    As of now i have read lot of books
    i never find this kind of book nice one

  2. fiona

    An informative, easy-going read. The author comes across as someone who would be interesting to chat with over dinner. My reason for 4 stars not 5 is that I didn’t quite feel there was the material for a full book there. It’s quite short; more like a long essay – but still a good one.

  3. Scintilus

    Sharp. Crisp. Well researched and extremely interesting for any reader. That is how I would describe these essays. Dan Mayur writes about the details of what surrounds us in the everyday life and routine. All of it is evident to all of us. But not many will think of capturing it in the refreshing style that he has. I enjoyed the flow. I Read the pieces in one clean stroke, and then read many of them again. Apart from their literary value, they leave a lingering impact on mind. It is the message they give. He hits the plagued Indian politics hard and heavily comes down on the American addictions of the four wheels and their obese make-up, but all with deep care and concern for the afflictions. These writings come from the heart of an involved, sensitive citizen of the planet. More often than not, the socio-economic-political subjects such as in this book will have a tendency to weigh down the readers. The Entertaining character of these essays keeps this possibility at bay. The variety in the germs and details thereof, work greatly in favor of the reader’s attention span. I appreciate the author’s natural optimism and creative remedies which unfold following his portrayed negativities in the world. This keeps the book from becoming an anthology of deep rooted problems of people places and politics, and turns it into a social awakening tool. And of course there is a lovable accent with which his humor pops mid-para, lighting up the reading experience! He writes about three countries – America, India and Scandinavia, with information and enrichment wrapping around each other. I sincerely wish the book well, and encourage Dan Mayur to keep writing.

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