Making It On My Own: Ten Inspiring Storie of Your Entrepreneur-Next-Door

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Publisher : APK Publishers
Author : Prashant Karhade
Number of Pages:224
Binding: Paperback

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Making It On My Own: Ten Inspiring Stories Of Your Entrepreneur-next-door is a non-fiction book about entrepreneurship. It is a compilation of stories of ten real-life entrepreneurs who are into ten diverse businesses: power plant equipment manufacturing, metal fabrication, software development, printing, IIT JEE coaching, private healthcare, stone crushing, IT training, international education consulting, and construction. The diversity in the businesses is by design, not by accident, to make the book as informative as possible, and also to highlight the fact that the underlying principles to succeed in any business are the same. But the stories are also quite entertaining as opposed to being just informative, dry, and emotionless. So this book is guaranteed to be a fun read! If you want to know how to start a business, or how to come up with a business plan or business strategy, or how to do business development, this book will definitely help you. It contains stories of people who hail from Indian middle-class backgrounds but decided to start their own small business. They all had a fledgling business start up at one point, but they survived the tough initial phase, and now have sizeable businesses to show for it, some of which can be definitely and legitimately categorized as mid-scale businesses. There are plenty of things that you can learn and many practical ideas that you can get from these real-life small business stories. I daresay, these ten stories were the business case studies that you were looking for!

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Making It On My Own


Prashant Karhade


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Mar 2009


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