Hell Of A War In Srilanka

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Publisher : APK Publishers
Author : COL D.D.P.Thorat(Retd)
Number of Pages:180
Binding: Paperback


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Hell of War is a historical war fiction, dramatized to expose the truth behind the war crimes and genocides committed behind the fog of the war. The novel is power packed tales of War, Valor, Revenge, Bomb Blasts and Emotions.The novel gives a rare insight into the rise of LTTE Chief Prabhakaran and his tigers. It includes details about the dirty war that resulted in mass killings and genocides.The dramatic novel is a must read for those who care for mankind, the Tamil Diaspora, and all those who have fought for a better world. The author’s crusade against genocides has just begun.

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Hell Of A War In Srilanka


COL D.D.P.Thorat(Retd)


APK Publishers







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Jan 2015

4 reviews for Hell Of A War In Srilanka

  1. nand

    It is a terrible story, beautifully told

    Col Thorat’s crusade against genocides has just begun aptly with his first novel “Hell of a war in Sri Lanka” . One of the main reasons why genocide is still committed in the world is the world’s leaders do not have the political will to stop it and author has taken a bold step in trying to influence ordinary citizens to force the powerful leaders of the world to act and develop the political will to fight genocide and terrorism.
    It is a terrible story, beautifully told. -is a landmark work that takes over your heart and head. In drawing together lives scattered and devastated and made heroic by the ‘war on terror’, the author tells us the truth about these dangerous times. The novel is a uniquely powerful and moving account of the tragic consequences of policies which flout fundamental rights and the rule of law and it adds a new and deeply disturbing dimension to the story. Failure to accept the existence of evil does not protect you from it…appears to be true in case of all the players in the novel and in reality as well. A classic, yet very relatable plot of terror attacks on each other by SLA and the LTTE, highlights the extent of planning that goes behind execution of seemingly random acts of terror. It is more like an insider’s account as to how things actually shape up like during a terrorism and genocide…
    The breathtaking pace with which the novel follows will definitely leave you asking for more which I am sure the author will provide through his next novel. A must read particularly in these disturbing times.

  2. Siddhartha

    Fresh take on the secret war

    A unusual but riveting take on the IPKF operations in Sri Lanka. Certainly of interest to people who want to understand what unknown battlefields have wrought in our neighborhood

  3. Dr R Deshmukh

    Swift, Absorbing, Poignant..an absolute pleasure!

    It’s a treat to read “Hell of a war in Sri Lanka”. I absolutely loved following the author’s careful step, watching how he pieces things together using his penetrating knowledge of human behavior in dire circumstances. The author weaves a compelling and poignant tale, offering the readers an infinite depth and texture. The plot slithers in a world of tragedy, genocide and finally triumphs to an exciting finish.The author goes his own way, dropping the kinds of detail and hard data regarding day-to-day happenings in a land destroyed by war, that lend his book a sense of reality lacking in most novels. It rivets one’s attention to the war afflicted and the survivors, beckoning hope across boundaries. His writing is consistent and intelligent…It is a pleasure to read his work.

  4. Pritesh Y. Chothani

    A rare and unusual account from a war veteran. …

    A rare and unusual account from a war veteran. Though the book says this is a war fiction, I fear the story is true to a large extent. This book covers the unknown and uncelebrated aspects of a battle. The book is a fascinating read.

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