Forthosewholiketothink: Discourses, Short Stories, and Real Life Thrills

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Publisher : APK Publishers
Author : Pranav Ambardekar
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What does success mean to you? A heavy bank balance and a luxurious lifestyle? Or does it?… Are you sure what you have seen was what actually happened? Or is there another perspective to it?… Do you think beyond the human barriers of imagination? Do you learn from life’s small incidents? Have you been in touch with the fourth dimension? Has your soul been wired to the universe just like it should be? Forthosewholiketo think is highly thought provocative and inspiring which helps bring out the real you. The back embodies the true meaning of: If you can conquer your mind, you can conquer the world For same my book will prove to be a place where they can seek solace and inspiration, for my writing is filled with inspirational words. For others it might be fun to read task. However, for the thinking lot, I promise to make it a worthwile read and at the end I intend to make you think and ruminate until, a point where you emerge with an opinion which might agree with mine or otherwise. My mission is to make you think. My mission is to trigger your neurons. My mission is to force you to put your thinking cap on. About the Author Pranav Niranjan Ambardekar is a young all rounder who at this age has innumerable feathers of achievement on his cap already. A brilliant ex-student of the Vidya Pratishthan’s Magarpatta City Public School, Pune, Pranav topped his school in the ICSE board examinations in the year 2011. He was deemed the the ‘Cyber Genius’ three times in a span of seven years, winning the ‘Interschool Cyber Genius Competition Pune’ in various categories like Programming, Presentation and the IT Quiz. He has a profound knowledge of computers, the internet and all the modern gadgets and technological development that’s taking place. Pranav has been an active participant in the essay writing and elocution competitions and has won most of them. His communication skills reflect a strong command over the language and a charismatic sense of speaking. His reading interests are mostly in the philosophical genre. He is a passionate blogger and now a proud author of ‘forthosewholiketothink’. His all round personality is also manifested in the sports achievements that he brags of. As the captain of the house football team in school he has brought many a glories to his house. There is no field that Pranav has not touched as he has a keen interest in music and has been active in various cultural activities in school. One of his hobbies is composing lyrics and he is undoubtedly an impressive lyricist. Now, a student of St Mary’s Junior College Pune for the ISC Boards, Pranav carves a path of success for himself as he comes out with his first book. His dream of reaching out to people and inspiring them with his writing comes true as he sows the seeds of thought in every reader. As you read on you will be compelled to think and introspect various aspects of life, real or unreal, and be born as a new individual altogether.

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1 review for Forthosewholiketothink: Discourses, Short Stories, and Real Life Thrills

  1. Riya Saxena

    I refer this book to everyone who wants to go ahead in their career.Its amazing book .A mixture of life and career.I used to hate thinking but after reading this book I really got influenced towards thinking.

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