Jobless Samurai

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Publisher : APK Publishers
Author : Vinod Phadatare
Number of Pages :228
Size : 5.5″ X 8.5″


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Beyond the first few minutes of life, infants cry and accomplish the primary goals set for each budding human being in this world. Goals heighten with the developing abilities of babbling and crawling. One day, the list of goals converts that infant into a job-ready human resource. The journey is entirely set but inadequate to fulfil the purpose of life.

Everyone in this world runs after goals; once a goal is achieved, they show off their accomplishment and then continue running the goal-chasing race. But in this race, many of us miss the genuine purpose of life; it engenders an imbalance and, fascinatingly, reveals that, while running after goals, we have not really lived our life, and now the time has left us.

Neither this journey nor the goals answer the crucial question of our life.

Will it be possible to live our life wonderfully?

‘Yes,’ says Kannan, the main character of this novel.

When life has been built on shifting goals, it is wise to seek a new life upon the great reason. We live in the past or the future but forget to live life in the present. Kannan, an unemployed person, explains the Zen way of living life, showing how to live life in every moment, without suffering.

Kannan is mystically enchanted with the arts of finding peace for himself in the fiction of the corporate world. The book resonates Kannan with the Samurai, the hereditary military nobility who lived their lives without compromising the joy and pride in living with Zen customs. This book asks the readers to root their new life in simplicity, ground it in the soil that nurtures beginner’s minds and only ever find enlightened and pleasant experiences.

This book presents an example for both employees and businesses. It vigorously resists labelling a person as a human resource and establishes the emerging terminology of ‘a human being at work’.

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Jobless Samurai


Vinod Phadatare


APK Publishers


5.5" x 8.5"

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