Yes, I Changed My Address…A Girl’s Tale

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Publisher : APK Publishers
Author : Trisha Kaushik
Number of Pages :136
Size : 5″ X 7″


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Addresses can never be permanent! Each one of us might have definitely changed our addresses at least once in a lifetime. Consequences to that may obviously vary from person to person.

Here you will be meeting a girl Vidhi, who steps into the ever busy, cosmopolitan world of Mumbai for the first time from a faraway place. Paras, a boy from her native, already staying in Mumbai for quite sometime met Vidhi, and they became friends for life; more than friends I would say.

Inspite of being an introverted person, Vidhi slowly succeeds to break the ice to embrace her life a bit more. From Elephanta cave to marine drive, her each trip has its own flavour to add to her beautiful journey.

Suddenly Paras shifts to a new city. What does Vidhi go through losing the most lovable person in her new address? Do they meet again?

Can Vidhi withstand the peaks and valleys coming her way to be the most desired version of herself…?

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Trisha Kaushik


Yes, I Changed My Address…A Girl's Tale




5" X 7"


APK Publishers

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