To The Last Silver

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Publisher : APK Publishers
Author : Durga Devi
Number of Pages :150
Size : 5.5″ X 8.5″


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Trading silver currency as a solution to the economic development of the city of silver (Rithvabhor) seems to be plausible until history rewrites itself.
The twins, Biajig and Biajigi, thought of annexing the wealth of Rithvabhor in return for their favour. But people affirmed that they could rule their kingdom and if they fail to rule it in a better way, they would be renounced. Biajigi, the twin sister, accepted the affirmation. Biajig, the aggressive, charismatic leader became the proud king and Biajigi became the head of defence.
Shewas very clever and had acumen. When they began to rule, people were pleased with their ruling without knowing their true intentions. Then unexpectedly, Nivriniya became the queen and simultaneously, people’s sufferings in the city started. The twins’ manipulative plan came to the limelight after they started to show their true colours, the fight between the city and the twins began.
The city’s secrets were unravelled at some point, with the help of the research work of Tvagu Hiadeer. His legacy safeguarded the city from its fate. In all these manifestations, Nivriniya as a young inexperienced ruler starred with her expertise in tackling situations.
War emerged as an ultimatum to decide the powerful hand of the city, which took multiple twists and unseen ends.

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To The Last Silver


Durga Devi


APK Publishers



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5.5" X 8.5"

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