The Forest Piper

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Publisher : APK Publishers
Author : Baju Brahma
Number of Pages:180
Binding: Paperback


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The forest never sobs. Every leaf that drops on the duff is a loss so trifle, as if nothing happened. So what if the boy that plays flute in the night to quell others’ fear is put as bait by his own people? So what if the man that mends others destinies is made to trash his own fate? So what if the race that stands firm on human values is cleansed for much the same reason? The forest never complains. After every kill, the deer herd goes back to grazing wagging their tails, as if nothing happened!

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Baju Brahma





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Feb 2016

1 review for The Forest Piper

  1. Rajesh Khare

    I am an ardent bird watcher and spend a lot of free time in the jungles. So this book instantly caught my attention. So bought it right away and read it. I liked most of the stories. A couple of stories totally took me by surprise… didn’t guess the ending at all. Overall, a good book and a very good debut!

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