The Dream Date And Other Short Stories

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Publisher : APK Publishers
Author : Madhavi Deshpande
Number of Pages:166
Binding: Paperback


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The Dream Date and Other Short Stories is a book of fiction compromising stories of myriad moods like plain romantic, science-fiction, light-comedy, character-oriented, abstract, thriller, suspense and horror.

Through this book, you will enter the lives of a forty-something man going on his first date in ‘The Dream Date’, a simple clerk participating in ‘Kam Banega Crorepatr, a family where all the members are consciously or subconsciously playing the game hide-and-seek in ‘The Game We All Play’, a talented classical singer Panditji losing his creativity due to personal problems in the ‘The Unburdened Voice’, a Physics-scientist committing an impossible to understand murder in full public view in ‘The Black Revenge’, a man offering a ride to a lone girl in distress in ‘The Silent Night, a 17th century widow forced to become a Sati in ‘Sati – The Real Wife’, a cook tormented by the differences in smells in her life in `The Aromas of Disparity’, a high-profile Cabinet Minister getting lost in the jungles of Chandrapur only to gain rare insight on life and his identity in ‘The Lost Identity’, a lady living all alone with ghosts in ‘Trapped With Ghosts.

A plain Cook, a powerful Cabinet-Minister, a famous Singer, a nude Statue, a Pick-up girl, a lonely Divorcee, a revengeful Widow, a dream Date, a dominating Colonel, a simpleton Clerk, a brilliant Murderer, a miserable Sati, a tormented Daughter, a Joint Family and a pair of Ghosts all walk through this book offering a wide gamut of emotions both high and low, noble and treacherous, flirtatious and honest, brilliance and misery, power and powerlessness, loneliness and revenge, secrecy and simplicity, horror and hilarious.

Madhavi Deshpande, born in a family of professors and writers, started writing essays, articles and short stories at a very young age. She participated in numerous essay writing competitions in school and college, and won quite a few of them too! Many of her letters on current issues have been published in esteemed newspapers like The Times of India, The Indian Express, and The Asian Age, with one of her ‘Letter to the Editor’ bagging the ‘Best letter of the week’ award in `The Asian Age.

With a B.Sc and B.Sc (Tech) in Pharmaceuticals and Fine Chemicals from UDCT, Mumbai, she is currently employed in a top Pharmaceuticals company in Mumbai. A Working woman and wife, she tries to squeeze in a few minutes to write to her heart’s delight.

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The Dream Date


Madhavi Deshpande


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June 2016


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