The Doorbell And Other Short Stories

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Publisher : APK Publishers
Author : Kushal Raut
Number of Pages:120
Binding: Paperback

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The Doorbell is a collection of ten short stories of varied genre that will take you someplace new, in emotion and consciousness. Exploring a range of human emotions, these stories unravel and stoke distinct emotions through surprise endings to unique episodes: a ragged old man chasing a pretty young girl in the dead of the night, a young boy who is advised to find his prism to make his dream come true, a love-struck young couple stuck in a cave with no clue about the fate of their love, an intricate web of deceptive dialogue between two passengers on a bus, and a chance encounter between two former classmates that turns into a rendezvous of a lifetime for one of them. The Doorbell employs vivid unfolding of the narrative to create graphic images of the stories that entice you to reread and relive the emotive and thrilling experiences of the characters.

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The Doorbell And Other Short Stories


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15 reviews for The Doorbell And Other Short Stories

  1. Sameer Kulkarni

    I bought this book because I like short stories.
    I liked the stories in this book. They are good. Hard to believe that this book is written by a first-time writer. Full marks for that.
    But I wished the writer had written at least 4-5 more stories in this book. Would have loved to read them…

  2. Vivek Mohta

    Eclectic collection of ten interesting stories that hold you till the end…leaving a long lasting effect on your thoughts as well as heart !!! Unfolds human emotions like love, affection, humility nd also a thriller towards the end adds up to the credentials of The Doorbell..

  3. Ashish

    Amazing ten stories with suspires ending, each story make you feel the chartists while reading. I liked very much the Test, the Love, Doorbell, the Mask and The Places stories. I read the stories two …three time. When I am getting bored, I will start reading this book.
    Once of the best stories in The Doorbell and other Short stories ‘’ The Test”. This story ending with emotion, it’s touch my heart.
    Thank you very much sir, such a beautifully stories.

    Yours Student……..:-)

  4. Niyati

    Beautiful and heart touching short stories that engage and entertain you. Highly recommended.

  5. Nilesh

    Loved the short stories in the Book….wonderful presentation

  6. Pallavi

    Very nice book… Must Read.

  7. Mangesh

    The ultimate test for a writer’s craft is their ability to make readers visualise what they are reading. I am happy to say that this book passes this test with flying colors.

    Though I was not a great admirer of short stories, this book has changed my perspective. The stories are short but crisp. They hold your attention and before you know, you reach the end of the story. Every story has surprise ending and this makes you start reading the next story out of curiosity. I finished the book in one go!

    Go for this book if you want to pamper yourself with a good read.

    Highly recommended.

  8. Sagar

    finished reading in less than a hour.but worth a read.Great work author.Thanks

  9. Anand Naik

    Its a doorbell with amazing sound. There is no theme but there is a theme that certainly resonates your surrounding, captures your imagination and within no time you start living the stories. The beauty of it is you pick up any story randomly and read it and I can guarantee that you will end up reading all of them.

  10. Reena k

    …Kushal writes with the panache of a seasoned writer.Enjoyed the various hues of emotions from love,hate ,awe,empathy to passion in a matter of pages, favorite The Advice and The Test…written with rare emotional acumen …your mind used to seeing characters in their typical stereotypes is taken aback by the way they blossom out in the end!!

  11. Mahi

    Excellent Collection of short stories. Every story has beautiful ending with a very nice twist to the story. Each story makes you think of the small things that happen with us or around us in our day to day life. Beautifully written.

  12. Amol Chhapanimohan

    Refreshing stories with each being of a different taste. The tales are quite related to day to day walk of life, but each has the promised “twist” in the end. I loved these short stories, the plot and especially the awesome endings notably the story of ‘Job’. These are just the kind of stuff I look for in a short story book. I loved the stories and they kept me amused during the long hours of boredom that I normally experience while travelling.

  13. CJ

    First time authors are always a hit or miss and that’s what makes their books exciting to open & read. Kushal’s book falls in the first category and the joy ride begins. A collection of short stories. As you start the first story, you are happy to see that the author has some writing chops and when the story ends in a la “O’ Henry” esque manner, you are happy to have landed with a good read.
    The stories wonderfully depict the Indian minutiae in its typical surroundings but the drama builds up to an unexpected climax and you just start the next story. I loved The Test, The Place & The Chase
    The length of the stories and the language is perfect to engage even the most novice readers and have them wanting for more. If you want to read a good book on your commute or to just relax before your bed-time or a pick-me-up after lunch, don’t miss this one!
    I would be eagerly following Kushal’s books..
    —“Everybody needs to ring some doorbells in their life to find their prism” — Doorbell, Kushal Raut

  14. Rahul Bapat

    The first timers are either disappointing or awesome and The Doorbell is in awesome category. 10 simply stunning short stories with effective message at the end. Some stories are so beautifully written that you actually feel the characters and the story they are going through. each story has different ending which makes you start reading the next story. I finished this one in one go. The Doorbell is must read.

  15. Neha

    Good reading.short simple stories each covering diffferent aspect of human life. The End has a twist, which kindles various emotions from surprise to anguish ,from sadness to hope,from hatered to love.

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