Sniffer Boys

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Publisher : APK Publishers
Author : Vivek Gadre
Number of Pages:160
Binding: Paperback


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Sagar, Manish, Rishi and Gaurav are the Sniffer Boys, a group of young detectives working for the Indian Magic Society in Mumbai. Their job: hunting down illegal magical activities in the city. Meanwhile, a notorious sorcerer has just returned from exile, and has concocted diabolical plans to destabilize the system. For the Sniffer Boys, every day presents new challenges, new cases. This one has them tracking down illegal merchandise, spying on thieves, guarding ancient magical staffs, and discovering secret underground passageways criss-crossing through the city. Engulfed in all the chaos are some intriguing characters: a snake warrior seeking promotion, a gigantic pet black monster leaping over buildings, a scientist secretly working with forbidden materials, a thief losing his identity card. In this hullabaloo of guns, corruption, invisible tracking devices, research papers and magical mantras, can the Sniffer Boys stop the sorcerer from carrying out his plans?

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Vivek Gadre


APK Publishers


Sniffer Boys







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Jan 2015

1 review for Sniffer Boys

  1. Deepak

    A racy illustration on the cover will get your pace going, and it’s funny too. The title of the book reminds me of Hardy Boys, but no, these guys are Sniffer Boys!The tone of the book is definitely for young adult. There is magic in how you use words for a particular audience and the book is clear in its intentions.

    Mumbai feels so magical and you will love it when it is said that magic is made public and vehicles have become obsolete and people fly to work.When the wings are introduced in chapter 2 somehow I am reminded of the movie” The Devil’s Advocate” starring Keanu Reeves and Al Pacino; the ending scenes.And the tracking bug reminds me of Batman, where he asks Morgan Freeman one last time to use cell phones as tracking devices.

    There is a good sense of mystery in the plot, the four characters Sagar, Manish, Rishi and Gaurav set out to discover the alleyways in the city of Mumbai. Magical creations in the book are creative.The magical build that the book creates over the city is something that the book adds to the literary genre.

    Dragons, bull guards, lion guards, crocodile guards, the literary landscape of Mumbai is changing.

    The young crowd should pick up this book to find more of the characters and the detective boys in the city!

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