Sniffer Boys: Legend of The Royal Souvenir

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Publisher : APK Publishers
Author : Vivek Gadre
Number of Pages:174
Binding: Paperback

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The Sniffer Boys are back with a new case.

When Manish’s sword keychain gets stolen after the office dinner party, their investigation leads them to a much deeper and sinister conspiracy. Evil magical plans are being hatched in the city’s underbelly and the team gears up as the hunt begins.

In this adventure, our sleuths will meet greedy evil sorcerers, short tempered gangsters, chirpy tree-like creatures, monster creators, shady smugglers, magical weaponry makers and a maliciously grinning wicked old foe…

The clock ticks… and the Sniffer Boys are racing across Mumbai to save the day…

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Sniffer Boys: Legend of The Royal Souvenir


APK Publishers

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