Lurking Demons

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Publisher : APK Publishers
Author : Jaskaran Chauhan
Number of Pages:112
Binding: Paperback


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Think now—no pressure, but think. There must be something. There has to be. Think. What could have made your son decide to die? What makes a man decide there is no Longer any reason to Live? What makes him want to end it all? What are the reasons we invent to substitute for a Lack of reason?
When Gajender Kalra committed suicide, his parents, friends and acquaintances were Left shocked. There could have been no reason for him to have taken such an extreme step. And yet, there it was—the fact that he had indeed killed himself without any apparent reason, whiLe the rest of them were Left wondering why…

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Lurking Demons


Jaskaran Chauhan


APK Publishers





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Feb 2016

3 reviews for Lurking Demons

  1. Pradeep K

    Just finished reading this book. It is short and sweet. When it ended, I didn’t want it to end. For that I have given Jaskaran 4 stars instead of 5. Would have liked to read even another 100 pages if the author would have chosen to write them. The author has such an easy style of writing that that’s the effect it had on me. But I loved every bit of it!

  2. Saroj

    Wonderful debut by Jaskaran! I love the fact that Indian writers have started taking up topics other than their life in some institute or the other. After all… there’s so many of those types of books that one can read.

    The topic of Lurking Demons is a rather dark one but Jaskaran has dealt with deftly and with a lot of sensitivity. I would urge all readers to buy and read this book. And kudos to APK Publishers for publishing this book!

  3. Payal

    There has been a suicide in our family. So reading this book gave me a feeling of deja vu… it was almost as if reliving some of the scenes of those horrific days. And yet in some ways it was also cathartic. Jaskaran, thank you for that. A very good debut novel I would say…

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