Little Salvation

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Publisher : APK Publishers
Author : Jathin Amin
Number of Pages:120
Binding: Paperback

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About the Book: A little boy with a bleeding leg comes towards me. His eyes are wet and he is carrying a jar of live fishes. I find it difficult to face him… I see a ship sailing through the mist. I see the small boy walking through the sea. He is carrying a glass jar in his hand with fishes in it, which are trying to jump out of the jar towards me. The sea is gushing with the heavy wind. The mist is not letting me to see through the trees. I see a white figure walking through the mist… The walls look pale, and suddenly all the four walls start to approach towards me. I try to push the walls to stop them from squeezing me. I can barely get any oxygen… Dhyaan had everything going for him: a successful career and marriage to a loving wife. But he wasn’t happy. He felt a sense of restlessness and unease during the day. At night, a recurring dream haunted him, giving him sleepless nights. Tired of his predicament, he decided to face it and tackle it head on, or “take the bull by the horn” as they say. After much thought, he realized that the root cause of his problems was certain actions of his in his past. And so he sets off on the journey to find his peace, his “salvation”. Little Salvation is the story of what happens next on this incredible journey. “I always wanted to write a book, and when I heard my friend Dhyaan’s life story, I had a very strong, positive feeling about it because it had all the emotions that people could relate with. That’s when I decided to write about it.” – Jathin S Amin About the author: Jathin S. Amin was born in Udupi, a temple city in Dakshina Karnataka where he completed his entire education. He did his schooling from St. Mary’s High School and completed his graduation from Mahatma Gandhi Memorial College, after which he pursued his Masters Degree in Business Administration from Manipal Institute of Managemet. Currently, Jathin is staying with his family in Mumbai and is working in an MNC. A foodie by nature, he travels places and explores new cuisine. Little Salvation is his first book and he plans to continue his passion for writing in the coming years. Other than writing, he also has a hobby of collecting antique and vintage watches. You can get in touch with Jathin through his website: Dedication and thanks giving : I would like to dedicate this book to my son Shrijan who is just four months old, and would like to thank my wife for motivating me to complete my half written stories, my parents and my sister for appreciating my writing, my brother in law for launching a website for me, my cover designer Mr. Hirday for designing the perfect cover for my story, and my publishers Mrs. Anagha Karhade and Mr. Prashant Karhade for appreciating my work and giving me an opportunity to publishing my book and dedicating their time for editing my manuscript and bringing it to perfection.

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  1. Sonia

    This book is very interesting. the author has taken us through a journey of emotions in life the characters are well defined and the ending is very surprising. i just loved the book and am waiting for jathin’s next book.

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