Inscribed to my dreams

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Publisher : APK Publishers
Author : Projesh Kar
Number of Pages:172
Binding: Paperback


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What happens when you aspire to be a writer building on your exceptional hands with the ink, but can’t help yourself from ranking in the top 500 in Engineering Entrance? Thwarted but sincere, bothered but dedicated Arjun Roy has two things to die for: his writing and his girlfriend. He has been desperately looking for some outlet for his writing vision…..from the day he held the pen…. How his life changes definition, priorities and attitude from the jelly-like school days full of love, fun and laughter, to the regime of technical animals of the manufacturing industry….. A constant tussle between career and ambition…..a conflict between creative and materialistic elements; swayed emotions, lateral thoughts and indecent inclinations……..all thrust Arjun into a self-enforced solitude leaving his Love, his mother and everything and everyone attached to his physical existence into doldrums. Disillusioned, Arjun finds support and relief in his good-old friend, Protik, whom he had “coached” to solve his romantic misery….. As he offers him real substance for encouraging his goal, destiny again turns a mocker; despite re-re-shining the badge of a “1-woman-man”, his never-dying “Womanizer” skills prove detrimental to his amity….and the gear for rolling his dream stops once again. Systematically un-strategic Subhajit drops in, Arjun’s new masiah. In a fresh world of dreams and glamour, Arjun drags his passion towards a seemingly concrete end. Smoothness had never been his friend, and once again life throws him into the juggling hands of destiny….. Meet Gargi! 10+3 years she had been woven around the assorted spectrum of Arjun’s emotions and equations…his friend, love, inspiration and drain for all negativity…..….but victimised by his “Women Angle”, how she decides to change direction murdering her love.. Finally when Arjun stands at the wall of despondency how she comes out of her pragmatic stiffness to complete the biggest arc of his life circle…only to stake her everything for his first novel and show him the way to achieve the purpose of his LIFE…. So does he find answer to his ambition??? ; And the reality and need of Gargi’s love for him???………….Arjun takes you through his unusual life cruise…and in a pretty fascinating articulation!! Bio-Sketch of the author Academically a Jadavpur University-mechanical engineer, but a writer by everything else–soul, passion and conviction. That’sProjesh! He brings to you his first fiction novel starting few pages later. He had been exploring his writing flair since he was in South Point High School, Kolkata through his school magazine Ascent, and also in a stint with “The Telegraph In School”. Most popular for his creative writing skills in the inner circle, Projesh also takes keen interest in Essay Writing, Elocution and Word games like Scramble, Spellathon, Conundrums and Crossword. Beside being an aspiring writer, Projesh is also a big-time foodie and loves reading. He belongs to Kolkata and currently stays in Jamshedpur working with TATA Motors. His wife is a doctor based in Kolkata. Projesh can be reached at and also on

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Inscribed to my dreams


Projesh Kar


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Sep 2011


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