He Lost his Mobile And…

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Publisher : APK Publishers
Author : Amol Kulkarni
Number of Pages : 230
Binding : Paperback

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It was supposed to be the day when Gautam would witness his friend Amit get married in court to his longtime girlfriend Nazneen. But he lost his mobile which triggered an avalanche of events that threw his life in utter chaos: Amit and Nazneen couldn’t get married and then went in hiding; Nazneen’s influential and powerful family started a full-fledged search operation for Nazneen using “all means” at their disposal; Gautam couldn’t contact or meet his wife Manasi which greatly complicated matters; and to top it all, Gautam’s daughter went missing! The city of Pune, which is where the story is based, didn’t help matters and in fact added to the chaos.

Do Gautam and Manasi finally meet and if so where and in what circumstances? Do they find their daughter? And above all, do Amit and Nazneen get married? Do they get any divine help or are they all by themselves on the toughest day of their lives?

He Lost his Mobile and… is a blow-by-blow account of what happened on that fateful day and will have you turning pages furiously trying to find the answers to all these questions…

Amol Kulkarni is an engineer by profession. He has a genuine interest in story-telling mediums like books and movies. His deftness in blending real life circumstances with imaginary situations, in his story, is more than a hobby, and had to be told.

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He Lost his Mobile and


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