Dr. Insomniac

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Publisher : APK Publishers
Author : Samatha Polisetti
Number of Pages:132
Binding: Paperback


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This short story collection has heart wrenching stories mostly set in rural India. From a baby who fought so hard to live but was killed because she was a female to a frog that was dramatically cut open for the sake of science, from the mentally challenged kid whose life was putty in my hands to a young woman who became a potato due to a pill .The life of a person lying on a hospital bed would depend on a multitude of factors but more importantly how the doctor was actually feeling that time. This book is an insight into a life of a young medical internee who had more heart than brain. Being a doctor is not all about being noble, it’s about trying our best to be in spite of our human mind being the devil.

Samatha polisetti is a full time doctor and part time dreamer and ”a little bit of everything-er”. She trained herself to sleep with eyes open but also see with eyes closed. She is an alumnus of KMC Warangal and is currently pursuing her post graduation in KMC Manipal. In her free time she likes to doodle and drink different kinds of coffee .She believes we take a little bit of a person’s essence when we meet them and give them ours. Writing was her way of letting go of emotions and what began as a well hidden memory gave birth to this book.

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