Alice: The Inferno Conspiracy

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Publisher : APK Publishers
Author : Megha Rao
Number of Pages:175
Binding: paperback

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Being normal, starting over… that?s all Alice Manson wanted. A year back, her whole life took a pivotal turn when she came face to face with a demon prince and got taken away into a world of demons. The Netherworld. Now all Alice wants is to forget the past and move on. But things aren?t just about ready to go her way, because this time, the demons are back. Namely one demon, Cash Foxx. Cash isn?t ready to tell Alice why he?s staying in the human world, but Alice knows something is wrong. Why else would a demon who?s perfectly comfortable living in his own world want to join her college and act like a normal kid? As Alice investigates about Cash?s mysterious arrival in the humano, she comes to know deadly secrets that can threaten the sheer existence of the whole of mankind. Is Alice ready to go through another ordeal, probably worse than the previous one, or will she succumb to the pressure? Alice: The Inferno Conspiracy is the second book in the Alice series.

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APK Publishers


Alice: The Inferno Conspiracy


Megha Rao







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Oct 2014

1 review for Alice: The Inferno Conspiracy

  1. Vidhya Ramesh

    I first read Megha’s latest book “It Will Always Be You” published by Penguin. Then I saw that she has published a couple of books with this little known publihsing house based in Pune – APK Publishers. I wasn’t sure ho this book and the earlier one in the Alice series will be. But I was blown away by both the books! They are really good. I recommend reading them to one and all. Both my sons lovd the books too!

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