Affairs @ Corporate: Turnover of Relationships at Workplace

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Publisher : APK Publishers
Author : Atul R Thakare
Number of Pages:116
Binding: Paperback


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The global recession of 2008 plays havoc with the careers of three friends— Ajay, Veeru and Tarun. Barely after getting placed in a reputed organization, these MBA graduates find themselves unemployed again. With no experience in hand, they have to struggle to find a new job in the new city of Chennai. The language barrier makes it all the more difficult for them to survive against all the odds. While Ajay gets support from his colleague—Divya, Tarun finds love in Sonia’s camaraderie. The uncertainty of their future makes Ajay commitment phobic whereas office politics wreck Tarun’s love life.
Can Divya’s love make Ajay comfortable in Chennai? Will Tarun survive office politics and win Sonia’s heart? Can Veeru help Tarun to cope with his transfer?

Affairs @ Corporate is the journey of these three young, intelligent and hardworking fellows grappling in the predatory corporate world full of favoritism, office romance, performance pressure and politics.

About the Author
Atul R Thakare is a PhD scholar in Business Management and an agile management professional. He is an avid blogger and has written many articles for leading newspapers on various issues. Apart from working with government organizations and corporate as a senior officer, he is a passionate writer and a motivational speaker. Atul has published his first novel in 2014— YOU Can’t Complete EngineeriNG..? is especially for young English readers and this is his second novel. He can be reached over email at and you can read his blog @

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Affairs @ Corporate: Turnover of Relationships at Workplace


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