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Syaahi’s Green Summer


Publisher : APK Publishers
Author : Kunjana Parashar
Number of Pages :
Binding : Paperback
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Syaahi is a shy, 9-year old girl, who lives with her Dadi Ma and has great affection for plants, trees, animals, and birds. She has two adopted pets: Bishtu, a black, furry dog, and Kaazi, an old parakeet. Besides them, Syaahi is rather fond of a huge Rain Tree that stands tall in a solitary garden close to her home. So close is she to this Rain Tree that she often holds one-sided conversations with him – only to find out that the Rain Tree has been patiently listening all along! In fact, The Rain Tree has a secret Greening Task that he verily wants Syaahi to undertake. This secret mission is about to take Syaahi all over the city and while she braves the challenges thrown her way, she might even get help from unexpected creatures like a melodramatic Crow, some cheeky Fruit Bats, a hot-headed Crane, or even some self-respecting Squirrels…yet the question remains, would someone as little as Syaahi be able to complete this secret Task that has been assigned to her?

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Syaahi’s Green Summer


APK Publishers




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  1. Nikhil Mahamuni

    The Book is really good. The story end is clever and unexpected. I like this book

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