Set of Four Children Story Books

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Publisher : APK Publishers
Author : Prashant Karhade
Number of Books :4
Binding : Paperback


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Kiki and Meeka
This story will teach your kid the value that you have to help those who help you, although in a very subtle and implicit way. The concept of the 4 directions is also seamlessly built into the story. It will also teach your kid strategy to implement if one gets lost, which can be a starting point for many “meaningful” discussions.

Jumbo The Aeroplane
This story will give your kid information about all the major parts of an aeroplane and their uses, with simple but great illustrations. A memory test of the parts is also built into the story. So rest assured that it will simulate your kid’s grey calls!

The Hungry Python
This story conveys to your kid the essence of the life of a python in a simple story with lively illustrations! Additionally, the days of the week are seamlessly built into the story.

The Dinosaur Cloud
This book will teach your kid the concept of “speed” and which vehicles are faster than which vehicles. The story uses clouds to teach this concept in a very interesting way, and will implicitly teach your kids to look at the clouds as you can see fascinating shapes in them.

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APK Publishers


Set of Four Children Story Books


Prashant Karhade






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May 2010


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