The Journey To A Good Company

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Publisher : APK Publishers
Author : K. C. Girotra
Number of Pages :218
Size : 6″ X 9″


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April 2018. The Indian economy is recovering from a cyclical recession, and the business outlook is improving across industries. As a result, companies have posted record revenues and earnings. And yet, HLA Pumps, a storied name in the pump industry, is struggling.

Having cut a sorry figure in the Board meeting for another year of declining performance, Chairman Raj Acharya promises the Board concrete actions to improve the performance. But behind the scenes, he is worried; he’s taken a significant initiative to prevent things from getting worse and revive.

Via The Journey to a Good Company, the author addresses several fundamental issues that companies across industries struggle with at some point in their journey.

April 2019. Raj was determined all along; he had plans, but was he successful in reengineering the company? Go ahead, read it and enjoy the journey.

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The Journey To A Good Company


K. C. Girotra


APK Publisher


6 X 9"

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