Me ‘N’ Mine

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Publisher : APK Publishers
Author : Namita Gupta
Number of Pages :226
Size : 20.32 x 12.7 x 3.81 cm
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Should I.. Should I not…
Should I scold my child or let it go?
Should I force feed my child healthy food or let them eat junk food?
Should I keep my children safe within my eyesight or let them venture out?
All of these questions and many more triggered the highlighting of multiple elements in the author’s parental philosophies. The book provides an insight into the emotions we all feel as parents. It takes us through the roller-coaster ride of parenthood.

For young parents it renders some food for thought, while for those who have already gone through the trials of parenthood, it reminds them of the universality of their experience.

Despite our best intentions of raising our kids well, we tend to unconsciously pass on our emotional baggage onto them. It is a book about how we expect our children to fulfill our unresolved needs, from a very tender age.

This book is the author’s journey of overcoming her conventional conditioning and belief system, which presented a number of challenges at every step. She has penned it down in the hope that it shall empower parents to understand their offsprings better.

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Me 'N' Mine


Namita Gupta


APK Publishers


20.32 x 12.7 x 3.81 cm





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237 g



Publishing Date

17 October 2023


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