Living The Greater Life: It is what you and I do

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Publisher : APK Publishers
Author : Yashraj Desai
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Living the Greater Life is an essay about the unvoiced truth of our lives. As mature adults, we shoulder several responsibilities and, in the process, make a number of greater decisions that are characterised by the greater good of people, surroundings, society, institutions and the world as a whole. The Greater Life is principled on the thought of what we have to do rather than what we want to do; ultimately, what we have to be rather than what we actually are.
The influence of our digital world, is so vast that I believe it has almost hypnotised us and today holds a significant say in everything, including the way we think and eventually act. The continuous, unfiltered and endless information alters our thought process and has the ability to act as a hindrance to the Greater Life. Such greater choices make you feel out of place in your surroundings or make you feel like carrying double personalities, one for the greater life and the other your original one. This Greater Life also comes with a price to pay, like the burden you feel for having left out things that you desire and the resulting resentment you carry. And finally, the conundrum where an ever-existing question keeps popping up in your mind—Is this Greater Life worth it? And what if you hadn’t or you don’t?
Author Bio
Yashraj Desai is a 27-year-old post graduate in structural engineering. He is currently working as the chairman of Marali Sugars. The nature of his life has always had him featured in the public eye, surrounded by a lot of people belonging to different sections of the society, exposing him to their lives. He believes it is important to try and understand a person beyond the façade he shows and that today, we see a lot of despair and resentment among people who feel that they have missed out on what they actually wanted, for having done what they had to. He also feels that this book is sort of a realisation and a companion for all of us that we are neither the only

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Living The Greater Life: It is what you and I do


Yashraj Desai


APK Publishers


21.59 x 13.97 x 1 cm





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15 March 2023


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