Alice: The Netherworld

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Publisher : APK Publishers
Author : Megha Rao
Number of Pages:160
Binding: Paperback

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“Don’t speak, Alice, or he will know I?m here. Only you and Destiny can see me now because she?s the one who?s making this temporary connection with you. You must know who I am. I?m the Cheshire cat sent by Destiny. She has a message for you: Run!” Having incurred her mother?s wrath on her sister?s wedding day, Alice Mason storms off into a forest, only to run into Cash, a demon from the Netherworld. Oblivious of the fourth world that Cash belongs to, Alice is not aware of the dangers that she is inviting. Cash?s father, King of the Netherworld, decides that she should be terminated in order to guard their secret existence. She would be released only if she survives their magic world for five days. Can Alice stand all the dangers that come her way or does she succumb to them? This book is a book for young adults, written by a young adult! Megha Rao, the author, wrote it when she was a 16-year old. Now that doesn?t happen too often, does it? Alice: The Netherworld is the first book in the Alice series.

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Alice: The Netherworld


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May 2012

8 reviews for Alice: The Netherworld

  1. Shanti Sagar

    I absolutely loved this book!
    Alice Mason is a normal girl with normal teenage problems namely her constant feuds with her mom. She’s got two sisters an elder one and a younger one. On the day of her sister’s wedding she gets into another argument with her society butterfly of a mother and runs off into the forest. This is where the story begins.
    She encounters Cash Fox a demon from the Netherworld. The Netherworld is an invisible fourth world full of demons with special powers. Except they’re not harmful.
    The thing about this book is that it’s fast paced. There are many characters in it but it’s not that long. I especially loved Destiny I’ve always liked funky edgy characters with spunk. I really look forward to the next book in the series.

  2. Venky Reddy

    Hello Megha
    You have written a perfect book the mind of reader will never divert to other things while reading

  3. Riya Verma

    Really Good book yar…………………………………….! :).

  4. Lalitha

    Interesting plot with some very interesting characters…I fell in love with Cash Foxx, the prince of the Netherworld! And going to a different world which has no connection whatsoever with the human world is always the main theme of a fantasy novel, but the similarity ends there. The author’s idea of including many of the old Lewis Carroll characters like the Cheshire cat and Alice herself ( though this is a completely different person) is remarkable.
    I will be reading this one again soon! It’s short, but every single detail has been covered. This is one of those books that have many many characters, but I’m sure I remember all of their names correctly! Each and every person in this book has his or her own character and mannerisms, so we won’t forget them easily:)

  5. Mini Raghav

    LOVED IT!!!!!! Loved the plot, the characters, loved just EVERYTHING about this fun packed book!!!
    Oh, I wish I was Alice…So that I could have Cash all for myself!!! Haha!

  6. Anu

    I don’t know if this is because I’m a fantasy reader or anything, but I loved this book. It’s pretty short. But I enjoyed reading it because of the droll humor and the cute and funny little dialogues between the hero and heroine. Narration? Third person, but from the heroine’s point of view.
    Alice: The Netherworld is definitely one good fantasy that I will read again soon. The characters have captured my heart. I finished reading it in one sitting because it was simply unputdownable.
    It deserves nothing less than five stars.

  7. Sreelakshmi S Dilip

    excellent!!!Alice:the netherworld is a well packed fantasy series.It is definitely ‘a good read’.It tells the story of alice,a teenager…In this beautifully written novel,we could find elements of family,sibling love,friendship… So to put it in a nutshell,the first part of Alice:the netherworld series,is a beautiful blend of fantasy,romance,suspense and mystery…

  8. Swathi Ashok Kumar

    It was a really good book. I enjoyed the vivid descriptions that explained the story’s setting. Expecting the next book soon. Hope there will be more scenes of Alice and Cash in the next one

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