APK Publishers is a young and dynamic publishing house based in Pune, India. It is the only “truly English” publishing house based in Pune, and one of the very few publishing houses with a mission of helping first-time writers. It was founded in July 2008 by Prashant Karhade and Anagha Karhade.

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Prashant, an IITian and a writer himself, has written one fiction book (Memory Remains: Journey Of An Indian To The U.S. & Back), one non-fiction book (Making It On My Own: Ten Inspiring Stories Of Your Entrepreneur-Next-Door) and four children’s story books (Jumbo The AeroplaneKiki and MeekaThe Dinosaur Cloud, and The Hungry Python). He wrote Memory Remains in 2007 and sent out the proposal to big publishing houses in India. One of them responded saying that, “The editorial feedback on your book is positive. Please send us 3 lakhs so that we can get started on your book.” Responses from some of the other publishers were similar except the fact that the amount varied slightly. Prashant didn’t give them the money that they were asking for of course, and started APK Publishers instead! The mission is simple: to help first-time writers get their work published. The essence of what APK Publishers does is captured in its tagline: By Writers. For Writers.

And APK Publishers has lived up to its expectations and published 50+ books till date, most of them written by first-time writers!

  • Megha Rao’s Alice series are books for young adults written by a young adult! Megha was only sixteen years old when we published her debut novel Alice: The Netherworld! And only eighteen when we published her second book Alice: The Inferno Conspiracy ! There are three more sequels to follow in this series. After publishing these two books, Megha bagged a two-book deal with Penguin and published her first novel with them titled It Will Always Be You in September 2015.
  • Basudhara Choudhuri was an eighteen year old when she wrote her debut book Flightless Bird, a collection of her short stories and poems.
  • Vivek Gadre and Ishaan Lalit were very young when they wrote Sniffer Boys: Adventure of the Lost Reserve and The Bracelet
  • Ripples is an anthology of 48 short stories by 26 Indian women writers and our best book from a literary standpoint. Some of the stories in it are simply outstanding!
  • The Doorbell & Other Short StoriesStories from a Heart of a DreamerCocktailShades of SinA Few Scattered Leaves, and The Common Saxophone are some of our short story collections and anthologies that have done very well.
  • Lage Raho Leadershipis an awesome and unique book about leadership written by Colonel Sanjay Vishwasrao, who is still in active service in the Indian Army and is currently a Brigadier leading 8,000 troops somewhere in Northeast India. This book is “leadership the Indian way”, for other Indians, although it will be useful for any person anywhere in the world.
  • Moonstone: The Incredible One Hour, written by Atul Gupta, is about a one-hour skit titled Moonstone presented by Hostel 6 and Hostel 9 in IIT Bombay in 1991. It is a laughter riot and will have you rolling on the floor laughing!
  • Back to Pavilion: First Years Back in India – Observations, Anecdotes, & Insights of a Confused Desiis a brilliant book written by Poonam Mulherkar who returned to India after spending many years in the US.
  • Mumbai to Stockholm via New York: People, Places & Politics – Reflections of a Globetrotter is a collection of brilliant essays about life in India, US, and Sweden written by Dan Mayur, an IITian who has lived extensively in the above-mentioned three countries. This is a book that every thinking Indian and American must read!
  • Diet & Lifestyle for Health in the 21st Century, written by Dr. Shantaram Kane (PhD in Chemical Engineering from Massachusetts Institute of Technology), is a book that will give you invaluable information about dietary matters and dispel a lot of myths in the process.

All the above writers were first-time writers ! And as you can gauge for yourself, the books are quite diverse in the topics that they cover: if you are looking for books for young adults, we have five books; if you like short stories, then we have an impressive collection of eight books; if you are more into non-fiction, then you have a bunch of books to select from.

While publishing 50+ books isn’t a mean feat by any stretch of imagination, we plan to publish many more in the years to come! So do check our website to know the latest books that we have published.

If you have an idea for a book and would like to get it published, please send an email to Anagha at anagha@apkpublishers.com or Prashant at prashant@apkpublishers.com.  If it is worthy of publishing, it will get published. That doesn’t necessarily mean that APK Publishers will finance the cost of production. Even if we ask you to pay the cost of production of the book, you can be sure that it will be in the lowest cost possible; it certainly won’t be anywhere close to the outrageous amounts that some other publishing houses demand!

APK Publishers has good working relationships with pretty much all the online book stores. APK Publishers also has tie-ups with distributors (who send our books to brick-n-mortar stores), small book stores, and people who do door-to-door marketing of books. Additionally, APK Publishers also sells books to Indian as well as international buyers through its own fully-functional, e-commerce enabled website: http://www.apkpublishers.com.

Thank you for reading for giving your valuable time to read this. We look forward to hearing from you!